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Art At Ohio Statehouse Could Be In Jeopardy

Jo Ingles
Pictures of former Ohio Governors, open to touch and 67 inches from the floor

Millions of dollars worth of precious art is on display at the Ohio Statehouse. And some of it is now being put in a highly trafficked area, not protected by glass or barriers.

There’s more than $20 million worth of art at the Ohio Statehouse - official portraits of Ohio’s governors are valued at more than $3 million. Some of those have been hung in a hallway, outside the Governor’s ceremonial office, just 67 inches from the ground where they could be easily touched. The Statehouse’s Luke Stedke says there’s not a plan, at this point, to put plexiglass or a barrier in front of the portraits.

“We actually had the architect of the capitol raise them because his initial design was a little bit lower so we think with the increased security, having troopers at the different entrances,that should mitigate any risk.”

But Stedke admits there is not a trooper at the entrance where the portraits are hung. These portraits have been hung high on hearing room walls for the past couple of decades.

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