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More Court Battles Over Voting Likely In Ohio

The State of Ohio (Ohio Public Television)
Dan Tokaji, Law Professor, OSU Moritz School of Law

A recent federal court decision upheld an Ohio law wiped out the so-called Golden Week, the period of time when voters can both register and cast a ballot at the same time. That’s being appealed. And that isn’t the last of legal questions and lawsuits.

Ohio State University Law Professor Dan Tokaji says there are two big federal lawsuits that could be decided soon. One is over requirements for how counties evaluate how voters fill out absentee and provisional ballots, and the other involves removal of some voters who haven’t voted in several years from the voter rolls. And he says more lawsuits could be on the way, over a variety of issues.

“Those could have to do with early voting, absentee voting, voter registration, voting machines, identification rules, polling place operations – we’ve seen all of these issues rise in past elections.

Tokaji says Ohio’s prominence as a battleground state makes it more likely court battles over voting will be pursued.

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