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Kasich Calls For Strong Foreign Aid, NATO Support

Andy Chow
Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) speaking at a U.S. Global Leadership Coalition event in Columbus

Although he’s no longer in the presidential race, Gov. John Kasich is still working to get his message on different issues out to a national audience. Kasich now has strong words for any leaders who suggest cutting foreign aid.

Kasich told the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition in Columbus that the best way to promote the freedoms America enjoys is to continue spreading international aid.

Kasich called for bipartisanship on these types of issues, referencing his recent meeting at the White House on trade.

“When we talk about bipartisanship it all sounds great on the screen but we have to move beyond the screen we gotta move into the Congress of the United States to get these people to realize they’re Americans before they’re Republicans and Democrats,” Kasich said.

Kasich also criticized anyone who doesn’t take NATO seriously, seemingly a jab at Donald Trump, who has been shaky on his support of the military alliance if he were elected.

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