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The Biggest Lesson Learned By Democrat Who Ran As Republican

Cassandra McDonald
Cassandra McDonald, Republican nominee for the Ohio House District 8, announced she was actually a Democrat after the race.

The day after the election brought a swarm of media coverage of all things Donald Trump. But another story was playing out in northeast Ohio, where the Republican nominee for an Ohio House seat outed herself to actually be a Democrat. Cassandra McDonald discusses what drove her to that decision and what she takes away from this year’s race.

Cassandra McDonald of South Euclid says she ran for office as a Republican because she says she was tired of seeing so-called Democrats not representing their district the way she thinks they should.

McDonald says she feels the GOP seemed to be more organized when it came to reaching out to constituents, especially black voters.

“They just seemed like they knew where they wanted to go but it was getting there. I think the Democrats are pretty much there but you can’t stop there you have to keep moving. That’s the difference,” said McDonald.

But after her loss, McDonald is officially back to being a Democrat. She says there are other Democratic officeholders who are really Republicans at heart and all she did was flip the script.

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