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Local Leaders Fear Tax Increases If Nuclear Plants Close

Andy Chow
Jamie Beier Grant, Ottawa County Improvement Corporation director, speaks on a panel during the Nuclear: What It Means In Ohio symposium at the Ohio Statehouse.

Local leaders are urging state lawmakers to save Ohio’s nuclear plants in fear of the impact those shutdowns would have on their communities. 

The state’s two nuclear plants could be on the verge of closing without a bailout bill currently in the state legislature.

Jamie Beier Grant is with the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation, the same county as the Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant. She says other cities, such as Zion, Illinois, saw big tax increases to make up for the loss of revenue from their nuclear plants.

“If we look at closing Davis-Besse and we look at the impact that that’s going to have on tax rates and services that are provided in our community, Ottawa County’s ability to attract new business is pretty much out the window.”

Opponents of the plan say subsidizing nuclear power would give an unfair advantage to a struggling energy source that couldn’t compete in the market.

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