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Kasich Embraces Automated Vehicles Industry But Warns Of Digital Revolution

Dan Konik
Gov. John Kasich speaking to the Ohio Transportation Engineers Conference in Columbus.

Ohio wants to be a leader for the automated vehicles industry. But Gov. John Kasich warns that as the nation prepares for self-driving cars, then it must also prepare for some major consequences. 

The state is trying to integrate the future of automated vehicles into its transportation framework.

But Kasich, a proponent of automated vehicles, told the Ohio Transportation Engineers Conference that the rise of driverless vehicles can mean a loss of jobs for professional drivers. Kasich says that can be offset if the state starts training for new skills now.

“If you think we’re divided between those that have it and those that don’t you haven’t seen anything yet because the disruption that’s gonna come because of the digital revolution will displace people.”

Kasich touts the kind of education that gives people 21st century skills and awards certificates rather than just the traditional 4-year college degree.

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