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Issue 2 Supporter Warns Of Future Problems With Ohio's Campaign Finance System

Andy Chow
Dennis Willard, “Yes on Issue 2” spokesperson delivers address conceding the race on election night. ";s:

Issue 2 was the most expensive ballot campaign in Ohio history, and it went down big with nearly 80% of voters against it. And while supporters will take the campaign to other states, an Ohio campaign spokesperson says this election turned a light on a flaw with the process. 

Yes on Issue 2 spokesperson Dennis Willard says big drug companies were able to conceal their names and the millions of dollars each contributed to defeating the Drug Price Relief Act.

Willard says they did this through what he calls a shell game of LLCs, and warns that this can continue to be a problem for future campaigns.

“I think we have to take a real close look at how this affects our democratic process. We should have open, accountable, full disclosable campaigns so people know where the money is coming from, specifically where the money is coming from, and also for how the money is being spent.”

The opposition says they followed the law. The Ohio Elections Commission threw out complaints related to Willard’s argument.

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