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More Allegations Of Inappropriate Sexual Comments By Ohio Lawmakers

Statehouse News Bureau
Ohio Statehouse

There are more allegations of inappropriate sexual comments by state lawmakers-  this time at a party about a block away from the Statehouse. 

Democratic Senator Cecil Thomas says he wants an investigation into what allegedly happened at a going away party for an outgoing Republican staffer. Thomas says he is concerned by comments attributed to some top Republican lawmakers that disparaged women, including some current female lawmakers. Those comments were published on a blog that, among other things, reports rumors about state leaders.

“If this did in fact happen then we have to take action to send the correct message that this is not going to be tolerated at the Ohio Statehouse, regardless of who you are, whether you are a member of the Senate or just a staffer or a member of the assembly. It’s not going to be tolerated. We are going to end this and this is the time to do it.”

Brad Miller, a spokeman for Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, says Republican Rep. Candace Keller is one of the lawmakers who was upset. Miller says Keller has talked to Rosenberger and House legal counsel but at this point, nothing formal has been filed.

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