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Ohio Statehouse Prepares For This Year's September 11th Memorial

Ohio Statehouse
Statehouse News Bureau
September 11 display

Every year since 2002, the Statehouse puts out a flag memorial on the lawn to remember victims of September 11th, 2001. Organizers are getting ready for this year’s display and volunteers are being invited to help put out the flags for this year’s event.

Statehouse spokesman Luke Stedke says the annual display consists of 2,977 small flags on the capitol grounds – one for each of the people who perished in the terrorist attacks 17 years ago.

“Seen from above – you see two towers. You see a strip in the middle that represents the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. And then, in the center, towards the north end is the Pentagon.”

Stedke says there will be a memorial service on Monday September 10th at 5 pm. The public is invited to attend and help place flags in the display afterward. Once it’s finished, the display will remain in place until the close of business on Thursday, September 13th.

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