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Medicaid Expansion Enrollment Freeze Up In The Air During Ohio's Legislative Lame Duck

Andy Chow
Ohio Senate

The Ohio House and Senate are rolling along with bills they want to pass before the Session ends. But they’re also considering overriding some of Gov. John Kasich’s vetoes, for instance, his rejection of their proposed enrollment freeze for Medicaid expansion. 

This General Assembly has made it clear they want to freeze enrollment into Medicaid expansion. They passed the measure last year with the budget. However, it was one of several items Gov. John Kasich vetoed.

While lawmakers have taken on Kasich to override several of his vetoes, they haven’t addressed this one yet.

Republican Senate President Larry Obhof is a supporter of that freeze but says an override vote needs to be taken up in the House first.

“So if the House sends us more overrides we’ll take a look at them but that’s not something I can initiate,” says Obhof.

Republican House Speaker Ryan Smith has suggested that an override of a veto is a possibility, saying that everything is on the table.

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