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Kasich Vetoes Self-Defense Gun Bill

Dan Konik
Gov. John Kasich addresses the Columbus Metropolitan Club.

Gov. John Kasich has vetoed a pro-gun bill, HB228, that would have changed the way self-defense cases play out in court, shifting the burden from the defense to the prosecution. The legislation is what’s left of the “Stand Your Ground” bill after lawmakers took out the repeal of the "duty to retreat" provision.

Kasich objected to the bill’sshift of burden saying this "has never been the law in Ohio." Ohio is the only state that puts the burden of proof on the defense in such cases. Kasich also said the provisions that restricted local governments from establishing their own firearms policy sovereignty under the "home rule" principle.

Kasich hinted at a veto in a speech at the Columbus Metropolitan Club hours before saying, “Why would I sign a bill that gives more power to the gun advocates?”

Kasich said in his veto statement that the Legislature should have added his measure that takes guns away from people who pose a threat to themselves or others, known as the “red flag law.” 

The Ohio House and Senate are planning to return to the Statehouse after Christmas for what could be potential votes to override Kasich's vetoes. 

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