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DeWine Declares State Of Emergency For Ohio Counties Hit By Tornadoes, Severe Storms

Gov. Mike DeWine has declared a state of emergency in three Ohio counties after spending the day surveying the damage left behind by tornadoes and severe storms. 

The states of emergency were declared for Greene, Mercer, and Montgomery counties. DeWine flew over Beavercreek and Celina to look at the damage and went on the ground to see the path of destruction firsthand.

“It’s devastating when you see it from the air. And it’s devastating when you actually go out and see the damage that’s been done to homes but then when you start talking to people who have lost everything, you really start to understand what a tornado can do,” DeWine told WYSO during a trip to Celina.

According to DeWine's office, a state of emergency allows:

  • State agencies to provide resources and support beyond their normal authority, under the direction of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (EMA).
  • Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to suspend state purchasing requirements to support recovery efforts and obtain needed resources such as water and generators more quickly and efficiently.

DeWine adds that he plans to see what kind of federal support is available.

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