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DeWine Likes What He's Hearing About Proposed Opioid Settlement So Far

Gov. Mike DeWine
Dan Konik
Gov. Mike DeWine

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says he is cautiously satisfied with the terms of a potential massive settlement against drug companies and distributors who have been accused of enabling the opioid crisis. Counties could get 30% and the state 15%, with the rest going into a trust. 

 DeWine says he likes the idea of putting 55% of a settlement in a trust controlled by local communities to fight future addiction issues.


“Setting this money aside, setting this group up and then very intelligently attacking on a long-term basis the drug epidemic in the state of Ohio and having the flexibility as it changes year to year is something that I was willing to say, ‘Look. I don’t have to control it. Let’s put it into this trust.’ And if we can get a trust, this is the right thing to do," DeWine says.


DeWine says he doesn't want to see the settlement monetized like the tobacco settlement was years ago. He says it's important this money be protected so it can be used for addiction services. 


“This is going to be one-time money. You’re not going to sell it twice. You’re going to get the money. If you settle with each company, that’s all you are going to get out of that company," DeWine says.


If a “super-majority” of local governments agree, the deal could result in a settlement with drug companies and distributors instead of hundreds of different suits.

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