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Ohio's Unusual Primary Election Is Almost Over

Voters enter Franklin County polling place
Dan Konik
Voters enter Franklin County polling place

Today is the last day to cast a ballot in Ohio’s 2020 presidential primary. In person voting on March 17 was postponed and absentee voting was extended.

This election, like many things these days, is unprecedented. Ohio voters who didn’t cast ballots before March 17th were instructed to vote by mail. But Mike Brickner with All Voting is Local says his group is hearing from confused voters who didn’t get their ballots in the mail or didn’t understand the voting process.

“It has been very confusing, very frustrating for voters," Brickner says.

Voters who didn’t receive requested ballots can vote provisionally at their local board of elections, along with people with disabilities and homeless voters. Those who got ballots but haven’t mailed them have also until 7:30 to drop them off at their local board of elections.

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