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Facebook's New Effort For The 2020 Election


Facebook is announcing a new initiative for the 2020 election. The social network giant will offer voters information about voting in their state. And it will also fact check information on its platform. 

Facebook’s Lori Moylan says the company has hired 35,000 people. Many are third-party fact checkers. Moylan says they will work to identify false information on Facebook and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. She says much of it will be flagged, and some will be taken down.

“When it comes to misinformation that we think is designed to suppress voting or encourage people to do something unlawful around voting – that type of stuff we flat out remove," Moylan says.

Banners will pop up when users mention voting that will give more information about how to register and where to cast ballots. Facebook has been widely criticized for failing to remove false and politically motivated posts that could have swayed public opinion.  

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