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Ohio GOP US Senate Candidates Are On The Air, As Democrats Consider Options

Screenshots of Josh Mandel's first ad, titled "Faith", and Jane Timken's second ad, titled "First".
Screenshots of Josh Mandel's first ad, titled "Faith", and Jane Timken's second ad, titled "First".

Ohio’s US Senate race is well underway, with both announced Republican candidates on the air with TV ads and some new money pledged toward one possible Democratic candidate.

Former state treasurer Josh Mandel’s first ad is an introduction that doesn’t mention the Senate race or President Trump, but though Mandel clwarly has been clearly seeking his support.

Mandel is seen in the ad on Public Square in Cleveland, as he says: “This time of year, we celebrate that God is always in control." He then talks about his grandmother being "saved from the Nazis by a network of courageous Christians, who risked their lives to save hers.  Without their faith, I’m not here today."

It’s a small ad buy running through this Sunday.

In her second ad, launched last week on the Fox News Channel, former Ohio Republican Party chair Jane Timken is direct in her opposition to President Biden.

Timken attacks Biden for one of his first executive orders on immigration, which she says are part of Biden's "reckless rhetoric and dangerous policies are creating a humanitarian crisis on America’s southern border that threatens the economic and health care security of Ohio families."

On the Democratic side, the 314 Action Fund, working to elect candidates from the science, engineering and math industries, said it will spend up to $5 million to support former state health director Dr. Amy Acton, after launching a website to encourage her to run. Its poll showed Acton leading over Youngstown-area Congressman Tim Ryan.

Neither Acton nor Ryan has announced they’re running.

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