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Low-Income Ohioans To Get More Money Toward Food Assistance

It's about a 22% increase.

Low-income Ohioans who rely on food stamps will soon find it a little easier to feed their families.

Lisa Hamler Fugitt with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks says a recent federal executive order means low-income Ohioans with EBT cards will soon have about 21% more in their SNAP accounts.

“The Biden administration has set about an executive order to provide the largest, permanent increase in the SNAP or food stamp benefits program’s history. And this has been a long time coming,” Hamler Fugitt says.

Hamler Fugitt says benefits had been based on a 45-year-old program, and this change will allow benefits to keep up with rising food costs. She says it amounts to about $36 more per person, adding another $700 million to Ohio’s economy.

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