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Redistricting Watchdogs Say Ohio's Commission Drawing Legislative Maps Needs To Do More

Jen Miller, president, Ohio League of Women Voters
Jo Ingles
Statehouse News Bureau
Jen Miller, president, Ohio League of Women Voters

The redistricting commission missed the constitutionally mandated September 1 deadline for coming up with a map for legislative districts.

The panel drawing new lines for Ohio House and Senate districts was supposed to have those maps done by Wednesday and missed that constitutional deadline. A coalition of watchdog groups keeping eyes on Ohio’s redistricting process says more needs to be done about that.

The Fair Districts Coalition wanted the Ohio Redistricting Commission to convene earlier this summer to talk about the process. But the first meeting didn’t happen till August 6, and the commission missed its first map deadline on September 1. Majority Republicans on the commission blame a delay in census data. But Jen Miller with the Ohio League of Women Voters says that shouldn’t stop the process.

“There should be hearings specifically about the technical details that could start right now even as they are working on maps," Miller says.

Earlier this year, Republican Attorney General Dave Yost sued the federal government for delaying census data but he is not taking legal action over the maps not being drawn by the September 1st deadline.

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