Ohio COVID-19 Hospitalizations Set Pandemic Record

Jul 23, 2020

There were more than 1,400 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported in Ohio Thursday, with 21 new confirmed deaths. And the numbers of people hospitalized with COVID are at their highest levels so far in the pandemic. But the state’s hospitals say they’re ready.

There are 1,100 people hospitalized with COVID in Ohio, higher than at the peak in the spring.

And Dr. Deborah Birx from the White House coronavirus task force told officials on a private call that there are 12 cities with increasing levels of virus spread. That list includes Cleveland and Columbus.

Andhttps://twitter.com/karenkasler/status/1286360935532093445?s=20Ohio Hospital Association president and CEO Mike Abrams said the system is at 72 percent capacity, a number that sounds high but he said is expected.

“In the event that we would see a surge beyond what the hospitals could accommodate, we have buildout plans in all three zones throughout the state and we could delay procedures again if it got to that," Abrams said.

But the OHA said no hospitals or ICUs are operating at or close to 100% capacity.

While Gov. Mike DeWine said the state is at a tipping point, he notes that unlike a few months ago, facilities now have those buildout plans in place should a surge happen.

Spikes in COVID-19 cases in Florida have overwhelmed hospitals there. Intensive care beds in Texas have been filling up, and for the first time in history, officials in Arizona have activated protocols to prioritize treatment because beds are becoming scarce.