bellwether state

A map of Donald Trump's 2016 performance. He had the highest percentage of any GOP presidential candidate since 1980 in 38 counties (dark red) and second highest in 22 counties (lighter red).
Data from Ohio Secretary of State

The 2020 presidential election could end up being a critical one not just to the winner and his or her supporters, but also to Ohio. Buckeye State voters have picked the winning candidate in each presidential contest since 1960 – and no Republican has won the White House without winning Ohio. 

Ten of the candidates who filed for the Ohio primary appeared at the Democratic debate at Otterbein University in October.
Andy Chow

Wednesday was the filing deadline for Ohio’s 2020 primary ballot. Fourteen candidates have filed for the Democratic primary, and there will also be a Republican challenger to President Donald Trump on that ballot.


Ohio is used to getting a lot of attention when it comes to electing presidents. It’s been called a bellwether state. But is it?