Bill To Eliminate Statute Of Limitations On Criminal And Civil Sex Abuse/Rape Cases

Nov 28, 2018

A bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations in Ohio for criminal and civil case involving rape and sexual abuse is getting a little help from a nationally known attorney. The bill would not affect past victims of sexual abuse, like those who have filed suit against Ohio State University but would affect cases after it passes…..if it passes.  

Gloria Allred has represented victims of many high profile people including Bill Cosby. She wants Ohio to eliminate the time limit to file charges in rape and sexual abuse cases. And if this bill passes, Allred says Ohio would be the first to do the same for civil cases. 

“This is really important because it is empowering to a victim to be able to file a civil lawsuit and seek justice and accountability from his or her sexual predator," Allred says.

Sponsoring Democratic Sen Joe Schiavoni says he knows the bill is unlikely to pass in lame duck. Since he’s term limited, he says another Democrat will bring it forward in the next general assembly. There's a different bill that's been introduced in the General Assembly that has support from Republicans. It only deals with statutes of limitations for criminal cases. But it has not been fast tracked for passage in this lame duck session either.