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Lawmakers Hope Sexual Abuse Education Would Open Line Of Communication With Students

Ohio House
Rep. Christina Hagan (R-Alliance)

Lawmakers call it a silent epidemic as an alarming rate of children are sexually abused but don’t feel safe enough to ask for help. Now there’s a proposal that would hopefully create an open line of communication.

A bipartisan bill in the House would require sexual abuse education so kids can learn the difference between good touch and bad touch and connect to resources if they feel like they’re being abused.

Republican Representative Christina Hagan of Alliance says kids don’t speak out because they’re afraid of what their attackers might do.

“And instead of getting resources they are continually being abused instead of having a safe place to be able to get out of this trauma.”

This is the second time Hagan has proposed this bill, which she says is about sexual abuse education not sex education, adding that the lessons would be age appropriate. Similar laws have been passed in 31 states.

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