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Alliance of city leaders lay out initiative to work with Ohio lawmakers

Statehouse News Bureau
City of Columbus

The mayors want to underscore the importance of state and city leaders working together.

A coalition of Ohio mayors is sending a message to state lawmakers that they want to build a partnership that helps the people and the economy.

The Ohio Mayors Alliance, a collection of nearly 30 Republican and Democratic mayors, says their new initiative to promote a common policy and legislative agenda with state leaders will build the economy.

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn, a Republican, says state lawmakers need to work with city leaders to get a better understanding on issues like municipal taxes and gun regulations.

She says lawmakers need to ask themselves, "What is the impact on the local level boots on the ground grassroots? And how do we make sure that it's actually a policy that plays out the way that it's talked about?"

The mayors also want to make sure they're working well with state leaders when it comes to doling out the billions of dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act.

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