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Collection Of School Administrators Gather To Oppose Charter School Funding System

Andy Chow
Tony Dunn, superintendent of Belpre City Schools in Washington County

A group of frustrated school administrators say it's time for the state to change the way charter schools get their money. 

When a student leaves a traditional public school district for a charter school, a certain amount of money is taken out of the district’s funding pot and follows that student.

About 35 school districts passed resolutions calling for the state to change that.

Liberal-leaning think tank, Innovation Ohio, gathered some of those school administrators who say they're losing too much money. That includes Tony Dunn, superintendent of Belpre City Schools in Washington County.

“We really got -- I guess -- sick and tired of the state taking local dollars to support the charter schools our students are attending,” said Dunn.

Lawmakers have proposed directly funding charters in the past, but charters have been concerned that they could be vulnerable to a line item veto from an unsupportive governor.

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