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High School Graduation Numbers For Class Of 2019 Signal Continuing Dilemma

Karen Kasler
Ohio Department of Education

This time last year state school board members saw an alarming report that showed about a 1/3 of Ohio’s high school juniors were not meeting the standards needed to graduate. That was for the class of 2018 and the numbers aren’t looking much better for the class of 2019.

So far only 65% of this year's high school juniors have met or are highly likely to reach graduation requirements for 2019.

To Board Member Stephanie Dodd that shows little improvement compared to last year’s juniors. She says it’s time to look for other graduation requirements. 

“I think that extends beyond a one-time-test I think it involves a bigger look at what’s happening in our schools and in our classes.”

Dodd says that might include the grade in the course itself and not just the final exam.

When the state saw these kinds of numbers for the class of 2018, they created alternative requirements such as 93% attendance and a 2.5 GPA.

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