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Education Overhaul Attracts Large Collection Of Opponents

Andy Chow
A large crowd gathered at the Ohio Statehouse to oppose a bill that would overhaul the education system.

The Statehouse was packed with people to testify against a proposed overhaul to the education system. The plan would hand the reins of the education department over to the governor. The latest committee hearing attracted opponents from several angles.

Opponents included home schoolers, public education advocates, teachers’ unions, and city school board members.

Elected state school board member Sarah Fowler counters Gov. John Kasich’s argument that board members are fairly unknown to the general public.

“A lot of people don’t know who their elected state representatives are either but I haven’t heard anyone suggesting we should eliminate the Legislature. We know how to find out who our representatives are and the concept of both separation of powers and elected representation supersedes whether or not every person in the district knows who their elected representative is,” said Fowler.

House Republicans introduced the plan a few weeks ago but since then several members of both parties have suggested that big changes might be coming.

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