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More Ohio K-12 schools could soon benefit because of philanthropic donation

Kids in a Columbus area
Jo Ingles
Statehouse News Bureau
Kids in a Columbus area elementary school

The Community in Schools program could be extended to more schools with these new dollars

A $133 million donation is going to a program that links at-risk students with community services they need in order to be academically successful. The Communities in Schools program already helps 21,873 students in 34 K-12 schools throughout Ohio, and more will likely benefit.

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott’s donation to the national Communities in Schools program will mean more schools with low-income students can participate. Communities in Schools Spokeswoman Amy Gordon says it will help Ohio kids whose families have suffered during this pandemic.

“Job loss and death of a breadwinner of a family and the resulting homelessness, loss of food….all of those things have just been magnified so incredibly in all of this,” Gordon says.

Gordon says it’s unknown which schools will get the extra dollars but the program wants to eventually operate in all K-12 schools that serve low-income populations.

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