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State Lawmakers Could Vote Soon On Bill To Ban Local Hiring Quotas

Brian Bull, WCPN/ideastream
A construction site in Cleveland.

State lawmakers could vote this month on a bill that would ban cities from requiring contractors to hire a certain number of local workers for big construction projects.

Supporters of a ban on local hiring quotas say reduce the number of companies that bid on projects, that they give an advantage to out-of-state companies, and that they drive up the costs of projects. Rep. Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) has been fighting this bill. “I don’t think that argument stands up when you start looking at communities across the state that have been very strategic and smart about making sure they can meet these local hiring requirements and be on budget or under budget,” Sykes said.

Democrats have tried to amend the Republican-backed bill to allow for some residency requirements. But the one exception adopted for ODOT to be able to comply with state and federal job training rules.

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