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African-American Lawmakers Push Agenda Items In "State Of Black Ohioans"

Ohio House Democratic Caucus via Twitter
Activists from around the state gather at the Riffe Office Tower to hear the "State of Black Ohioans" address.

Ohio’s African American state lawmakers say their fellow legislators aren’t taking action on bills they feel should be priority legislation.

Democratic Rep. Alicia Reece of Cincinnati delivered the annual “State of Black Ohioans” speech before dozens of activists who came to Columbus today. Reece said even though the Legislative Black Caucus is led by Democrats, it’s had some success with both Republican Gov. John Kasich’s administration and with the Republican-dominated Ohio Supreme Court. “We have had some movement with the task force on the grand jury – first time ever in history. First time ever in history having an executive order on police-community relations," Reece said.  "Where we have not had movement and action is with this General Assembly.”

She said there are bills that related to jobs that could help deal with a 10% unemployment rate among African Americans, along with a proposal on equal pay for women, a ban on imitation guns and regulations for the use of police body cameras.

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