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DeWine Kicks Off Campaign Against Scammers

Andy Chow
Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General

The state is ramping up its fight against scammers and con artists. 

New anti-fraud ads will start playing around Ohio to warn you about the dangers of scammers.

"Alright here’s the deal. I’m gonna pretend I’m with the IRS. I’m gonna say you owe back taxes and threaten you with jail time."

The ads are part of the new Ohio Protects initiative rolled out by Attorney General Mike DeWine, which includes a new website that raises awareness and encourages people to report a scam.

“We think these are underreported crimes because of the factor of embarrassment. Many times people are embarrassed and don’t want to tell their spouse or their kids let alone tell the attorney general’s office,” said DeWine.

The $2 million initiative is funded by consumer protection settlements.

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