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Democratic State Lawmaker From Ohio Heads To DNC Platform Drafting Committee This Weekend

Ohio House
Rep. Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) is one of 15 members of the Democratic National Convention's platform drafting committee.

Both major parties are working on the platforms that will be decided at their conventions next month. And the 15 member committee working to create the Democratic Party meets in St. Louis this weekend – and it includes four members of Congress, several activists and a state representative from Cincinnati.

The platform is expected to include Israel, trade, Wall Street, superdelegates, fracking, Black Lives Matter and health care – but Rep. Alicia Reece wants to add in criminal justice reform and voting rights changes too.  “I’m going to fight for all of these. We know that we’re not going to get everything, but I think that one thing that we can guarantee is that the state of Ohio, our voices, I’m going to present them. And out of that we will have some of the different issues that I think are important.”

Hearings on the platform were held in Washington and Phoenix, and Reece held a hearing in Columbus – activists told her they want payday lending regulations, public money only for high-performing charter schools and workplace discrimination protections for women.

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