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Some Ohio Voters Are Not Getting Absentee Ballot Applications

Ohio Secretary of State's website

A significant number of Ohioans may not have not received an absentee ballot application from local boards of elections.

A spokesman for Secretary of State Jon Husted says absentee ballot applications have been sent to registered Ohio voters who are confirmed in the system. But Joshua Eck says applications have not been sent to voters who are believed to have moved. Eck says Ohioans should go online to check their voter registrations.

“Go to and click check my registration. Just type in your information and just make sure it’s up to date. If it’s not, then you can update it right on that same website and you can download an absentee ballot application.”

The Akron Beacon Journal reports one in seven Ohio voters – more than a million people – have not received their absentee ballot applications. Eck says if someone changes their address at the post office but doesn’t update their voter registration, they would be flagged for confirmation and would not automatically be sent an application to vote by mail.

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