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Bus Tour To Motivate African American Voters To Vote For Democrats This Fall

Jo Ingles
Democratic State Representative Alicia Reece

Some members of Ohio’s Legislative Black Caucus are on a two day bus tour of the state to try to influence African American voters to vote for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The African American lawmakers are on a bus going to several cities throughout Ohio, holding press conferences and voter registration drives. Caucus President Rep. Alicia Reece says the group will be motivating black voters to cast their ballots for Democrat Hillary Clinton this November.

“Our survival, our heritage and our future is on the ballot. And we are going to make sure we get to the barber shops, the beauty shops, churches, down to the grass roots level to wake everybody up and make sure they understand how important this election is.”

Reece says the group will also be urging voters to elect Democrats to the Ohio House and Senate.

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