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Senate, House Vary On Plans To Change Green Energy Policies

Iberdrola Renewables
Blue Creek wind farm turbine in Van Wert County

The state’s top leaders are squaring off on a bill to change Ohio’s green energy policies, and the clock is ticking – a two year freeze on the state’s renewable energy standards for electric utilities expires in a few weeks. 

Ohio’s green energy standards spell out how much renewable energy utilities must be using year-by-year and the same goes for energy efficiency.

Senate Republicans have a bill to keep that benchmark at its current level and delay required state standards until the year 2021.

As Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger explains, the House bill would make these standards an option as well.

“You’re gonna look at maybe some shifts from mandates to goals. Some reduction in the energy efficiency numbers and then more conversation – mercantile opt-out I think maybe will be a part of it,” said Rosenberger.

If lawmakers don’t pass anything by the end of the year, the original standards will come back next year.

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