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Effort On To Erect A Memorial For John Glenn At The Ohio Statehouse

Jo Ingles
The late Senator John Glenn's casket in the rotunda for public viewing at Ohio Statehouse

You don’t have to look far in Ohio to find something named after the late John Glenn. The astronaut turned U.S. Senator turned educator has his name on schools and even the main Columbus airport. Now, there’s a move to put a memorial of him somewhere else.

The Statehouse is often called the “people’s house.” School children and adult visitors from all over the world visit the building on a daily basis. Democratic State Representative Michael Sheehy says he wants John Glenn to be memorialized there.

“John Glenn is so important in American history, not just in Ohio history, that he needs to be recognized on the grounds of the Ohio Statehouse.”

The money for the statue could be raised from private funding sources, like the holocaust memorial was. Sheehy says he’ll introduce the idea to fellow lawmakers in the coming days.

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