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House Dems Slam Senate Budget Bill

Andy Chow
House Minority Leader Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton)

Democratic leaders in the state are making one last push to change some provisions they’re most concerned about in the state budget bill. 

House Minority Leader Fred Strahorn of Dayton says the Senate budget makes too many cuts at a time when more money needs to be invested in schools, infrastructure and the opioid epidemic.

Strahorn argues that giving schools less money will have a domino effect.

“They are going to be back at the ballot asking local taxpayers to go in their pocket again which is going to make them weaker consumers that’s going to lead to derailing the economy.”

Republican leaders have said they have found ways to cut government spending and put about $176 million into the drug crisis.

The budget is now in conference committee where Senate and House leaders must come up with a final plan. The budget needs to be passed and signed by the governor by next Friday.

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