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Kasich Signs On To Gerrymandering Battle, After Signing Law Creating Controversial Map in 2011

Ohio Secretary of State
Ohio's map of Congressional districts features 12 districts that elections have shown are solidly Republican, and 4 districts in which Democrats have been overwhelmingly elected.

Gov. John Kasich is backing a U.S. Supreme Court challenge to a state legislative district map from Wisconsin, saying gerrymandering creates polarization and division.  Voters changed Ohio’s statehouse map-drawing process in 2015. Those who now want to change Congressional district maps are carefully watching this case – and noting Kasich’s support for it.

In 2011, Kasich signed into law Ohio’s Congressional district map, which has been called one of the most gerrymandered in the nation. Since then, he’s spoken out against creating overly partisan districts.

Catherine Turcer’s group is working on a Congressional redistricting ballot issue for next year. And she’s glad for Kasich’s apparent change of heart. “We are never going to get to fair districts unless we are open to people seeing the light after they did us dirty," Turcer said.

Last year Kasich had said he’d put Congressional redistricting changes into his budget, but he didn’t. A spokesperson said he was working with lawmakers. There’s a state Senate resolution on Congressional redistricting, but it’s seen no action since March.

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