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Growing Fear Of Medicaid Expansion Freeze With Defeat Of Latest Congressional Bill

Andy Chow
Faye Childs has been battling a rare form of cancer. She’s relied on getting health coverage through Medicaid and fears she would lose coverage if she goes back to work and the expansion is frozen.";

There are renewed fears that state lawmakers will freeze Medicaid expansion in Ohio now that latest attempt to overhaul the federal health care law went down. 

The last time the House considered holding a vote to freeze Medicaid expansion through a veto override, Republican leaders said they would wait to see what kind of changes Congress might make on federal health care.

Faye Childs of Columbus who’s battling a rare form of cancer, is concerned that the issue is back on the table in the Statehouse and could threaten her coverage.

“Anytime my health care is being weighed on as an option when it’s not an option, it’s a necessity for me every waking moment and even every sleeping moment.”

Childs is covered under regular Medicaid, but fears she would need the expansion when she goes back to work.

Gov. John Kasich vetoed the Medicaid expansion freeze in the budget. The House could take up an override vote as early as mid-October.

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