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Prosecutor Supports Bill Named For Reagan Tokes, But Says Some Changes Could Have Come Earlier

Statehouse News Bureau

The prosecutor involved in the case of the kidnapping, rape and murder of an Ohio State student in February is pleased with the introduction of legislation named for her. But he thinks changes relating to release and monitoring of accused criminals could have happened sooner.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said he fully supports the Reagan Tokes Act, which would allow for sentences to be lengthened for violent inmates and more rules on GPS monitoring of those who are released. But O’Brien noted that some of these ideas were agreed to by a criminal code study committee of lawmakers and other experts, but those recommendations haven’t been considered as legislation yet. “I think sometimes it takes a tragedy for the need to be sharply in focus of people in this building and take action.”

Reagan Tokes’ accused killer was released from prison three months before her death. He’s pleaded not guilty, but police say his GPS ankle monitor shows he was in the park where her body was found.

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