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Road Crashes Are Up On Stretches Of Ohio Roads With 70 Mile-Per-Hour Speed Limit

Jo Ingles
Ohio roadway

The 70 mile per hour speed limit that state law now allows on some roads might not be a good idea after all, according to stats from a recent crash report by State Highway Patrol researchers.

Highway Patrol Lt. Robert Sellers says the new report shows the number of overall crashes in Ohio has gone down.

“While the last six years have been the safest ever on Ohio roads, there’s always areas that we know, that we want people to know, crashes are occurring.”

But the number of crashes has increased on roads with 70 mile per hour speed limits. The report showed in 2014 and 2015, crashes increased by 24 percent on higher speed stretches of roads when compared with earlier numbers. That translates into five more fatal crashes and 421 more injury crashes.

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