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Ohio Christian Alliance Calls For Investigation Into Recent Incidents At The Ohio Statehouse

Jo Ingles
Chris Long, Ohio Christian Alliance

Recent resignations at the Statehouse over inappropriate behavior are on the radar of some who say some of those incidents need to be investigated. 

Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long says more investigation is needed into the resignations of former State Senator Cliff Hite, former Senate Democratic Chief of Staff Mike Premo and former Representative Wes Goodman.

“There’s been a lack of transparency at times or a slow delivery of public record in regards to some of these incidents and I think that the public has some concerns about reports that have been coming out of the Statehouse as of late.”

If wrongdoing is found, Long wants criminal charges filed, and if lobbyists are involved he said they should be blocked. Legislative Inspector General Tony Bledsoe says in a statement that lobbying credentials can only be terminated for felony-level conduct and if the office would have evidence of criminal conduct, it would have been reported to police. 

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