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House Passes Measure To Refuse Workers' Comp For Undocumented Immigrants

Dan Konik
Ohio House chambers

House Republicans are taking another shot at denying workers’ compensation for undocumented immigrants. The fight now goes to the Senate.

Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger says excluding undocumented immigrants from receiving workers’ compensation is just another step to bring uniformity among benefit policies for those who are in the country illegally.

“It’s not a bad idea to standardize what we have across the state of Ohio like what we do with the unemployment, you can’t do it there, you shouldn’t be able to do it in the BWC either.”

But House Democrats say this does not fix the problem of illegal immigration, denies help for people who are injured on the job, and excuses liability for poor workplace conditions.

The bill now goes to the Senate where a similar measure was stripped out of the budget earlier this year.

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