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Last Call For Some Alcohol In Ohio Liquor Stores

Karen Kasler

It’s the last call for some alcohol in Ohio because certain items are being discounted for sale and will not be restocked.

The Ohio Department of Commerce, the agency that oversees liquor sales in the state, says there are about 700 products that will no longer be offered in the Buckeye State. Agency spokeswoman Lindsey LeBerth says the state decides how to stock shelves in its contracted stores.

“We are actually the owners of the products so we would be decided what is sold. Now, in terms of each individual agency, they look at sales numbers for those agencies and they may get one product here in Columbus that a store in Cleveland doesn’t get because it doesn’t sell well there.”

The list includes some popular brands and a lot of flavored vodkas, rums, tequila and several kinds of schnapps and liqueurs. And some products are only being eliminated in certain sizes. 

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