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Democrats Try Again To Propose Assault Weapons Ban; Say Kasich's Comments Might Help This Time

Anatoly Vartanov/
An AR-15, the type of weapon used in the deadly school shooting in Parkland, FL last week.

Democratic state lawmakers are trying again to pass an assault weapons ban in Ohio, and say they think an apparent change of heart by Gov. John Kasich announced over the weekend might help the bill this time.

Sen. Michael Skindell (D-Lakewood) said an assault weapons ban was proposed five years ago, but even though Democrats are deep in the minority, the time is right to try it again. “Many times legislation takes a while to pass, but with the recent events and Gov. Kasich’s comments, hopefully the effort is boosted.”

Kasich said this weekend he’d like to see some changes in gun regulations but he has no confidence in Congress, so those would have to happen at the state and local level – though in the last few years the bills that the legislature has passed have expanded gun rights. Other Democratic bills toban imitation guns and toughen background checks have gotten one hearing – a ban on so-called bump stocks has yet to be heard.

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