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Concealed Carry Weapons May Be Allowed In Daycares, On College Campuses Starting Today

Karen Kasler

Starting today, conceal carry permit holders may for the first time be able to legally bring their weapons into daycares and airport terminals, and onto college campuses.

The law allows those previously gun-free zones to decide if they want to allow conceal carry permits holders to bring in their weapons, and allows workers to keep their guns in their cars by prohibiting employers from banning weapons on company property. Sen. Bill Coley (R-Cincinnati) is a supporter of the changes. “We recognize that it’s a big state and there’s wide and diverse interests and local concerns. So that’s the great thing about this legislation – it lets the locality decide what’s best for them," Coley said.

Opponents had called this the “guns everywhere” billand would lead to more gun violence. But Coley says it gets rid of what he calls “victim zones” unless they want to remain that way.

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