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OSU Students Recount Campus Attack During Senate Hearing

Andy Chow
Ohio State University student gives testimony before an Ohio Senate committee to talk about campus attack and concealed carry ban.

Lawmakers could vote next week on a proposal to lift the automatic ban on concealed weapons on college campuses. Many Ohio State University students visited the Statehouse to call on Senators to reject the bill. 

Right now concealed weapons are automatically banned from a list of places including college campuses, daycares and airport terminals. 

After Monday’s attack at OSU, several students say allowing people to be armed is not the answer. That includes second-year student Spencer Dirrig of Powell.

“The problem is that, when we were huddled up, and we were hiding from an attacker that we didn’t know the location of and we didn’t know what weapons they had at no point in time did any of us think that having a gun would make us more safe,” said Dirrig.

But a pro-concealed carry OSU student testified she felt helpless during the attack without her firearm. 

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