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Law Allowing Concealed Carry On College Campuses, Other Locations Passes Senate

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The Senate has passed a bill that makes it possible for people to carry concealed weapons onto college campuses and into daycares. 

The bill allows college campuses, daycares and other establishments to decide whether conceal carry permit holders can bring in their weapons.

Opponents say this proposal won't keep people safe from gun violence. But Republican Senator Bill Coley of West Chester says violence is exactly why he wants this law.

“I wish this bill wasn’t necessary but there are bad people out there and statistically bad people keep shooting -- when they’re set on this -- they keep shooting until they run out of ammunition or some good guy with a gun shows up,” said Coley.

The bill would also allow concealed carry in state government buildings, unless they are already protected by security, such as the Statehouse.

The House must now concur on the changes made to the bill before sending it to Gov. John Kasich.

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