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Senate Dems Fire Back Against Report Claiming Too Much Regulation

Andy Chow
Sen. Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman)

Senate Democrats are firing back against a study that says Ohio’s huge number of regulations on business is hampering the state’s economic growth. One lawmaker even argues that the study is a cop out to avoid the bigger problem. 

Democratic Senator Joe Schiavoni says regulations are not to blame for slowing Ohio’s economy.

“It’s the lack of investment in our communities and our people in exchange for tax cutting for the highest earners,” said Schiavoni, who’s also running for governor.

He adds that investment could go towards infrastructure, reliable internet and job training.

Republican Senate leaders touted a study from George Mason University noting Ohio’s expansive regulatory code. The researchers said the restrictions hurt industries such as manufacturing and health care.

Schiavoni counters that regulations a lot of the regulations are needed for government transparency and accountability.

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