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Kasich Signs Ohio's New Capital Budget, Saying It's A Sign Of Ohio's Financial Health

Jo Ingles
Governor Kasich signs capital budget

Gov. John Kasich has signed a $2.6 billion capital budget, which covers state spending on infrastructure, colleges and universities, and community projects for the coming two years. 

Kasich says this capital budget provides needed money for roads, bridges, schools and the opioid crisis. He says this budget is fiscally solid and the state is better off than when he took the helm in 2011.

“We were a fiscal wreck. A fiscal wreck. We were $8 billion in the hole,” Kasich says.

Many Democrats argue that number. Kasich’s first capital budget didn’t include money for community projects. But this one includes $150 million for local projects, along with funding for a state park in Eastern Ohio, improvements to Lake Erie, and a new mental health hospital in Columbus.

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