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Bail Reform Presents Possible Economic Benefit


Communities could stand to save tens of millions of dollars if the state moves to reform its bail system. A new report says, aside from issues of fairness and public safety, changing Ohio’s bail system means a huge cut to jail costs. 

The report from the conservative think tank The Buckeye Institute says bail reform could save $67 million.

The group has joined other associations from across the political spectrum in calling for a new way of assessing bail, basing it off of a person’s risk to society.

The Buckeye Institute’s Daniel Dew says a person should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

“Being held pre-trial is an exception to that and it should only be done when a person poses a risk to the community or a judge finds that the person likely won’t come back for court but that should be the exception not the rule,” says Dew.

A bill to change the bail system is pending in the House.

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